Gickza concept

Gickza is one of the strangest bugs of all. Being too small, to the point where the only way to fully observe one is through the use of a microscope, Gickzas can alter their body's color, like the chameleons.

By itself, without being attached to any living being, these bugs are mute and don't move, so they are never attacked by any predator. The favorite place for a Gickza to live in is inside an ear canal. Once is attached there, this creature will use the appendix at the end of the tail in order to listen to other beings outside its host.

Then, they move their tiny branch shaped legs at high speed, thus creating an imitating the sound they decided to pick. This causes the host to being able to listen to other sounds or even private conversations without being able to stop it. The only way to repel a Gickza is to use cotton swabs with a drop of alcohol on it.