Gehs Monster

Final version of Gehs monster. It's great to be able to practice more techniques and add them to the story!


More Gehs monster studies

This are the last studies before the final one! You can see a lot of differences and errors, but that's the beautiful thing about studies and concepts! 


Gehs concept

Simple concept for Gehs monster.

Gehs are extinct today, but legends says that these creatures were like ships soaring the sky. They could take you anywhere and their lovely and docile nature was famous between kids and people with special needs.



Practicing some painting while trying to give more movement to the characters. This little one is hunting for fireflies at night with his friend. She looks spooky.



Maid studies this time. Working on different styles and colorful characters.



These are some butler studies. I'm busy practicing everyday to improve my skills.


Papp Again

It's always difficult to remake a character, but all for the sake of practice :)


Dailo Again

Dailo expressions again. This time I had to change the character's body to give more space to the line of action. I'm between the old desing and this one...


Oxalis's expressions

Some Oxalis's expressions warm ups! I still need a lot of practice with this character in particular.


Finding Oxalis

Sorry for not being able to upload anything in a long time! Super busy between my job and practice, practice, practice!!

Still trying to find the Oxalis character. Obviously, those doodles looks awful, but it's part of the process of finding her. I choose the number 5.



Dahlia's design. Just like the other one, I can only choose one for the final character. I'm between #2 and #3.



Ceferino Designs. This are too simple since I can only choose one for the final design!


Eriamat Repairman

Since Eriamat's body can be destroyed, they need to choose if to rebirth or wait for a new body. Eriamat Repairman aren't so common this days since the materials they need (like Szumae elixir) can't be found so easily.

Sorry for taking so long!!


Random Characters

Sorry for taking so much time! I'm currently busy working with characters right now! These are warm ups, simple pencil stuff, but help me to improve a lot!



Some background testing with Akatt and a Mijhu. I was trying to test the effect of warm and cold light in a character.

I hope everybody likes it!!


Mijhu concept

Mijhu is kind of a louse for some creatures. Is too odd to find one on fire, since they need to be full of energy (this is difficult for them) in order to produce fire.

Special creatures like Iquetalas and Eriamat must be careful with these insects.



A new character called Akatt. She is a shy creature, but has a great heart!



This is Wiseff, a young and smart fox Eriamat. Although many scientists like him are known to be shy, Wiseff can't stop talking about interesting facts (sometimes out of the blue) and looking for more information to share!

I'm working on a current project having Wiseff as main (and only) character, hope I can show you soon!


No Magic Bar

This is supposed to be a bar where magic is prohibited. So, what is that little fella doing outside? And who opened that small window in the door?



Albert in his everyday outfit. He enjoys quiet life with his wife and Kiriou.
When not on duty or wearing his Cor clothes, Albert likes to read every kind of book and study a lot. Oh, yes, he wears glasses!


Yiba1Ubsa & Yiba2Ubsa

This two are very important since represents part of the planet. It's easier to found one of them, but not the other!!


Silix and Kiriou

Kiriou and Silix are Geonna's older brothers. They came from the same egg and have some differences with other creatures from the same species.

While Silix tends to be serious and calm, Kiriou often uses bad words and trembles because of his nerves. The two of them share a special bond that nobody can explain.


Geonna's emotions

Sorry for the delay in the blog! I'm trying to finish some art pieces so everybody can see them!!

This are some emotions for Geonna!



Geonna is a cute little bunny!

She has strange powers, but never shows them. Her two brothers are always arguing and it's Geonna the one that has to stop them! She has a mysterious past, although is still a young girl.



Some poses tests for Imacia, a loyal and ferocious cat! It's too common as a domestic pet.

Hope everybody like it!!



More Character Design!!

Papp is a young piggy! She loves to design clothes for everyone, and not only that, she also fixes every kind of clothes, it doesn't matter the type.

Just like Octa, Papp doesn't have a tail since she is too young! Her Egg is kinda similar to Octa's, but you can see her inside!



This is Octa, a young child. He doesn't have a long tail like Cor Albert since Octa is just in the second phase of his race, known as Eriamat.

Octa loves to play in the water, but his specialty is the kitchen. Although he is still too young, Octa's abilities with food are outstanding.

In the picture you can see various Octa's expressions and the Egg where he came from. All the Eggs are the same, excepting from the creature inside and the color.
I'll be uploading more characters soon!!


Cor Albert

This is Cor Albert. Is one of the main characters. His name is Albert, but as long as he is using his uniform (see picture) the title 'Cor' must be used before his name.

Cor means 'Sir' or 'Knight'. There are a lot of Cor like Albert, and they are mysterious and dangerous. Cor Albert is married and is taking care of a child with her wife; His specialty are the books. Because of the hat, you can't see Cor Albert's horns. He is based on a deer.

His tail is too long because of aging, and that happens with all his race. I'll be uploading Cor Albert's story soon, hope you like it!!!

Nice to meet everybody!!

Hello world!! I'll be uploading my art from now on! I'm new on Blogspot, but I can't wait to see more about this place!
A little about me: I'm passionate about drawing and designing characters of my own; not just that, I usually add stories to every character or place that I create, so you should expect to find a big galaxy here!!
My ultimate dream and goal is to work for an animation studio, since I've never had the opportunity to work side by side with other great artists that share my love for this. I challenge myself everyday, polishing my weak points to show everybody about this matter! Nice to meet you!