Hyory Concept

Hyory are bugs that can be found floating around at night. Those doesn’t represent any harm for other creatures, and nobody know exactly their purpose yet.


Foloffi Concept

Foloffi is a slug that doesn’t serve any purpose but stealing energy from living beings. But on the medicine field, their fluids can be extracted and used in order to create pills or painkillers.


Bosacco Concept

Bosacco is an insect that can be easily found inside the forest at night. Bosaccos are always using their glowing light, looking for creatures that doesn’t belong to the forest to guide them outside, safe and sound.


More Kiriou's designs

Some practice with Kiriou's character expressions while I'm working on some backgrounds.


Jrastror Monster

Jrastror monster final version. Don't worry, is not trying to eat the creature, just the egg shell.



Jrastror concept

Jrastror monster's concept.

Jrastror were special reptiles, with a great taste for egg shells. Their main food were Eriamat's egg shells, but since those eggs are almost impossible to find (because of another reason), these monsters disappeared. There are just a few Jrastror left. The pickaxe they take around is useful to break egg shells and help the baby to get out.