Kinnaga concept

Kinnagas are special bugs that can be found living mostly at the top of high trees, eating dead leaves and some sticks. It is so fast, that is not possible to admire one so often. Its 'tail' at the end of its body contains a thick and juicy paste called Nari-u, being able to cure some simple diseases if processed with other medicines.

Its name comes from the native Attubippu language, and it means 'Tree Dweller'.

These bugs are precious among people because of the medicines based on its fluids, so its body's been immortalized in a train called Kingo, a mystic legend that can be heard sometimes, but never seen.


Molocobocco concept

Molocobocco are one of the most strange and fascinating bugs of all.

It's so hard to even find one, that a lot of people doesn't even know of their existence. It's a special bug that feeds on everything that can catch with its only antennae, and, because of it's super small size, it doesn's even leave a trace.

The name comes from the native Attubippu language, and it means 'multiple eyes'. Nobody knows how do they reproduce or even the shape and color of it's eggs.

This creature emits a low frequency sound that cannot be heard by humans, but it can annoy other creatures with sensible hearing. Scientists recently discovered that Molocobocco's sound waves can also affect wireless networks and other electronics in a low to medium way.


Beccord concept

Beccord are caterpillar-like creatures that tend to be more active at night.

People says that if some light is sighted behind some leaves, a Beccord is there, eating. This creature shows a nice design, made to blend with its favorite kind of leaf, but it can be a double-edge trait, because it can call the attention of some predators.

That's when the light comes into action, since most of its enemies can be confused because of this, leaving the Beccord alone. If it survives, this creature will keep eating until is time to cover its entire body with a hard shell, and then transforming into a Menecco, another kind of bug.


Keké concept

Keké is a derivative from crickets and grasshoppers. While this specimen is not considered a plague since it prefer to hunt for smaller insects who eat harvest, people doesn’t like to coexist with them around at night because they emit a sharp noise rubbing their legs and antennae, in order to call more Keké if food has been found.

There are green, red and blue Keké, their colors depending on their habitats.