Caegus / Unaeh design - Hole of Losses

Designs for Caegus monsters. Caegus are known as the monsters that can find anything and anyone that's missing. Nothing can escape from Caegus's sense.

All Caegus are born without an expression or mouth (even if they don't need one in order to talk) and when they reach their adulthood (reproductive age is a different thing), their permanent expression appears after the first strong emotion they sense.

Unaeh is a female Caegus, the one that finds Samuel when he got lost on the forest. Even with her inviting smile, Unaeh can be harsh and cold, without changing her happy face at all. There's a reason for her repelent attitude towards everyone, though.


Bar development and Caegus poster props - Hole of Losses

Developments for second story beat and prop designs for Caegus Posters. Samuel is trying to catch a Caegus and thus, get to see his mother; it’s said that these monsters can find everything and everyone.