Kesterao concept N1

Kesterao are known for being one of the most beautiful monsters, and for representing the beauty, even in small creatures. While their patterns and color stay the same for all the species, people say their marvellous song vary from one to another, and that's the way they have to comunicate each other.

Sadly, these monsters are endangered due to indiscriminate hunting, because of it's valuable feathers. The females are more striking than males, but males are the ones who lay the eggs. Kesterao species can tolerate any weather, but they preffer a neutral place, not too hot, not too cold.

Their small size makes them irresistible to hunters like cats, dogs and even small children. They flight pattern is fun to see, since these birds always fly in zigzag or in circles.


Dedalo concept

Dedalos are one of the most curious and wonderful insects. While their shells are always colored in a pale white, their bodies stay transparent, making these insects totally invisible.

Dedalo's most impressive feat is the fact that, holding one in your hand and closing its shell, will make you disappear. The latter is useful for this insect in order to escape from their natural predators. The only food a Dedalo can ingest is water, since eating other kinds of food or even colored water, can ruin their defence mechanism, making them extremely vulnerable against anything.

Its almost imposible to find a Dedalo, since they move alone, they are nomads and only move in the night. These kind of insect never makes any specific sound.


Vanntia insect

Vanntia insect design.

Vanntia are beloved insects among people, especially on Spring, where they can create a delicious aroma, while looking for a mating partner. Their size is relatively small, and their natural preys can be driven right to them, thanks to their famous aroma.
Vanntia's diet consist on small insects, specifically those who threaten domestic houses, known as home plague.

The patterns on the top of their primary wings helps them confusing most of their potential predators. People loves to seat at night and observe them planning around (these insects can not fly), since the patterns tend to glow naturally, and they never close the main wings.

Even if Vanntia can't fly, they are natural-born jumpers, like fleas. They can do this thanks to the two little leggs at the end of their bodies.