Dindo concept N1

Dindos were motherly monsters that used to fetch any weak creature and take care of it until it could live by itself.
It is said that they were enormous and one or two humans could fit inside their belly bags. Dindos were exclusively female, and they could reproduce by themselves reaching an specific age.
Sadly, pure Dindos are extinct today.


Krrame's character turnaround

Turnaround for Krrame's character. This one was super difficult, especially on Krrame's legs and feet. Now working on the third Cor character and her turnaround as well!


Krrame's concepts

Krrame's concepts this time! With everyday's clothes and as a Cor. It was fun to paint the light on Krrame's skin, but I still have a long way to go understanding light and shadow.


Ellie's character turnaround

Turnaround for Ellie's character. It's my first turnaround, was super difficult! But I'm still working on some so I can practice!


Ellie's concepts

Concepts for Ellie's character! The first one as a Cor, part of an organization that protects the planet and their species.

Second one as an everyday oufit!