Velemoso concept

Velemoso are tiny and quirky insects. While is common to see them at night, their sweet fragance is more present at daytime.

Velemoso's wings are used by the insect in order to scare another predators and to perform a mating dance. Their antennae is the only way it has to comunicate with other insects, emiting an indetectable sound for bigger creatures.

Even with their big legs, Velemoso can't perform big jumps, but can move really fast. Farmers can tell when these insects are close, since their favoutire food are dead crops.


Caegus faces

Different versions of Caegus faces. Simple designs, those were made in order to create stickers. When a Caegus is born, the creature's face shows a pair of round shiny eyes, and that's all. After reaching their adulthoold, they gain their first and everlasting expression after experimenting a true emotion.

It is impossible for a Caegus to change that permanent face, even if the monster itself is happy, angry or sad. Also, Caegus don't need to open their mouths to talk, just for eating and defending themselves.
There are females, males and hermaphrodite Caegus.


The Hole of Losses - Concept Art

Concept for the Hole of Losses that appeared one day out of the blue. Caegus monsters kicked all the creatures out of that forest, since the hole took away the living essence of anything.


Hole of Losses - Story Beats

These are the three Story Beats from Hole of Losses.

At the first one, Samuel wakes up and discovers his mom is gone; she had never disappeared before.
At the second one, nobody at the bar believes someone as small as Samuel can hunt such a wild beast.
At the last one, Unaeh approaches Samuel after realizing he was lost.


Forest Samuel props and references - Hole of Losses

Designs for Samuel's equipment. All his stuff is small and was made especially for him, but things like the broken compass and the toy knife aren't useful for his dangerous adventure.


Forest components and plants - Hole of Losses

This is the forest where the giant hole appeared. Is also the same forest where Samuel get lost and is found by Unaeh, a female Caegus. Some of the flowers and plants are real, and some are native from that special place.


Samuel and Unaeh interactions and sizes - Hole of Losses

Unaeh finds Samuel not so far from the forest entrance. Samuel was carrying his broken compass, believing it was working.
Although afraid of Unaeh's size and cold attitude first, Samuel can gather courage and ask her to help him to find his lost foster mom. On the other side, Unaeh notices that Samuel doesn't even know what kind of creature he is, but he will be needed among others like him, in order to close the hole of losses.


Forest Samuel character development - Hole of Losses

After looking for help in vain to find his mother, Samuel prepared himself to walk into the forest and find a Caegus monsters, so he could use its useful ability.

All his clothes were especially made by his mother, since Samuel's size doesn't appear at any store due to being so small.